‘Wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy’: grandfather of 18-month-old who died of meningitis takes stand

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LETHBRIDGE – Thursday’s court proceedings began with Doral Lybbert taking the stand in the trial for David and Collet Stephan. The couple is charged with failing to provide the necessaries of life in the death of their nearly 19-month-old boy.

Lybbert is the fire chief for Mid-Rivers Fire Department in Glenwood and was in that role in March of 2012.

He testified his department has an ambulance but was not called out for the 911 request when Ezekiel Stephan stopped breathing.



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    He also testified he recalls seeing Ezekiel at church either two days before the 911 call, or nine days before. He could not be sure, but felt it was most likely two days.

    Lybbert said he was surprised when he heard about what had happened.

    “He was in church, playing and running around,” he said.

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    Anthony Stephan, Ezekiel’s grandfather was the final witness to take the stand.

    He testified he was at David and Collet’s the evening before the 911 call was made to give the 18-month-old a blessing.

    “I put my hands on his head,” Anthony said. “It didn’t feel hot, his colouring in his face was not inflamed, he looked normal, just low energy.”

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    He then testified David called him the night Ezekiel stopped breathing, calling it a horrifying event. He said he met them at the hospital in Cardston.

    “It was shocking, absolutely shocking. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. No grandparent should have to see him in that state.”

    David’s dad also broke down on the stand when he explained David and Collet’s state when Ezekiel was in the Children’s Hospital in Calgary. He said they were worn out and emotionally distraught.

    Both the defence and Crown have finished calling evidence. Closing arguments are expected Friday and Saturday.

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