The highest paying, in-demand jobs in Canada in 2016

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Thinking of a career change? You might want to consider one of these high-paying and in-demand jobs selected by the job rating website Glassdoor.

Their 2016 list is a mix of traditional high-paying positions (pharmacist, lawyer) and highly skilled tech jobs (analytics manager, solution architect). The original list is American, but the Canadian recruiting website Workopolis says the Canadian market is comparable (which means these gigs are in-demand for us, too).

The salaries listed are actual salaries reported by Glassdoor users.

As with many of these high-paying jobs, a university degree is required — so the sooner you know what you want to do, the better.

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Database Administrator

Average Base Salary: $97,258

Database administrators take care of storing and organizing data using special software. Duties include planning, monitoring and backing-up data. A degree in computer science is helpful.

Security Engineer

Average Base Salary: $102,749

Security engineers are tasked with keeping computer systems safe and secure. Payscale老域名购买 says security engineers must constantly find new ways to stop hackers. Knowledge is key in this job and it all starts with a degree in computer science or cyber security.

Physician Assistant

Average Base Salary: $110,871

The health sector is growing and demand is increasing for many health-related jobs. The role of physician assistant is pretty self-explanatory.

Tasks include obtaining medical histories, assisting in diagnosing ailments and interpreting tests. In Canada, PAs may also perform examinations and council on preventative care.

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Tax Manager

Average Base Salary: $114,966

Tax managers deal with tax preparation and compliance as well as offering planning ideas. An accounting degree and in-depth tax courses are critical for this position, as are strong communication skills.

Analytics Manager

Average Base Salary: $115,725

Skilled analytics managers are highly sought after. Like many data-focused jobs, the analytics manager uses data as intelligence.

You’ll need solid business skills for this gig. An educational background in math and technology is also very important.

Finance Manager

Average Base Salary: $123,534

Here’s a job that’s easy to understand: a finance manager looks after a company’s financial health. They produce financial reports, direct investment and develop long-term goals.

You’ll need a business degree.

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Software Architect

Average Base Salary: $130,891

“Great software architects are designers and diplomats,” says CNN. “They create innovative and valuable programs, but they also translate highly technical plans into a vision” that everyone can understand.

They’re the link between management and the tech folks.


Average Base Salary: $212,270

As the population ages, the demand for medical professionals will keep growing. That’s good news if you’re just starting med school, as there will be plenty of jobs when you graduate.

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