Testing for THC: UBCO develops pot breathalyzer

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KELOWNA —; Researchers at UBC Okanagan have created a breathalyzer to test for THC.

“It’s very easy to test for THC as it is a big molecule that stays in your breath for a long time,” said engineering professor and researcher Mina Hoorfar. “There is a period of 12 hours after you have consumed THC when it can still be detected in your breath.”

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The handheld device costs just $15 to make and is bluetooth enabled, so data can be collected using a cell phone.

There is currently no legal definition pin pointing what THC level makes a person too high to drive, but with the federal government’s announcement of the legalization of marijuana, that will likely change.

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The breathalyzer wasn’t created specifically for police according to Hoorfar, it’s for anyone who wants to test how much THC is in their system.

“People can consciously make the choice to test themselves after they have consumed THC or alcohol.”

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The new technology may soon be used for other purposes as well.

Researchers are developing a breath test for diabetics to determine glucose levels, meaning pricking your finger to test blood may soon be a thing of the past.

The device is also being tested near gas lines, to see if its capable of checking for a picking up the odor and locating gas leaks.

Researchers are now looking for a partner to put the marijuana breathalyzer on the market as soon as possible.


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