Rescheduled Toronto ‘The Who’ concert a headache for out-of-town fans

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Lorne Hussy is a die-hard fan of The Who. He’s seen the legendary rockers nine times. “Montreal in 1972, Detroit in 1975, Buffalo in 1982,” he explains while going through ticket stubs he’s collected throughout the years.

But the tenth show has by far been the most costly for the Newfoundland resident after two unexpected cancellations since October.

“All in all (for tickets and travel) it’s probably around $2,000,” said Erin Radloff, Hussy’s daughter.


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The family purchased the original tickets for a show in October, but the show was cancelled because of a medical issue with one of the members.

“That’s what happens, it’s life – no one’s fault,” said Radloff. But what followed next was a cascade of bad luck that has cost the family much more than the ticket price.

“So we lost some money on our airline tickets on cancellation,” said Hussy. “And then we booked again in March for the April show.”

But the April show was recently pushed back a day because of the Toronto Raptors’ playoff success against the Indiana Pacers.

The concert was moved from Tuesday to Wednesday, April 27 – the day Hussy and his son were suppose to fly out of the city.

“To him it’s priceless. He has to be there,” said Radloff of her father.

He was also expected to reunite with some fellow fans he’s kept in touch with throughout the years in a kind of mini reunion.

“He just said either I don’t go and we lose money on our flights, and I lose the concert tickets. Or we just do it,” explained Radloff.

Early Thursday afternoon the family met more bad news: Hussy was bumped off his flight and put on a waiting list. The opportunity to see his favourite band for the tenth, and perhaps final time, was put in limbo thanks to a snowstorm in Newfoundland that forced a large number of cancellations.

“This is going to be devastated for him,” said Radloff. “We love the Raptors, great for them; but what happens to the people who are travelling to see this concert,” asked Radloff. “I’m sure my father and my brother aren’t the only ones.”

Late Thursday afternoon Air Canada responded via email, revealing the flight had left as expected and records show Hussy was on board.

It appears the show will go on for Lorne Hussy, but the cost has not been music to his years.

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