Quebec Liberals challenged by opposition parties to open financial books

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QUEBEC CITY – Quebec’s opposition parties are scratching their heads after Premier Philippe Couillard seemingly backed down from an agreement about party fundraising.

Both the Parti Québécois (PQ) and the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) said they were under the impression the Liberals were ready to open their financial books, as long as the other parties did the same.

However, that’s not what they heard Wednesday in question period.

After calling on the government to open their books for weeks, CAQ leader François Legault said he was ready to accept the Premier’s challenge and open his party’s books.

“Today, he’s saying, ‘finally, I’ll be ready to do so, if you do the same.’ I’m saying, ‘deal, we have a deal,’” said Legault.

The CAQ wants the Elections Quebec Director General to do an independent inquiry on the Liberal party’s fundraising over the past two decades.

“To 1996. Twenty years, like we asked the construction companies,” Legault argued.



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    The PQ also offered to open its books to the public.

    “We’ve been living too many years in doubt,” said PQ leader Pierre Karl Péladeau.

    “Most of the citizens have lost confidence in the way they are represented.”

    However, it appears the Liberals have changed its tune.

    During question period on Wednesday, the Premier insisted his party’s books were already open.

    The PQ argued that’s not entirely true because the Liberals don’t publish fundraising in individual ridings.

    Reform of Democratic Institutions Minister Rita de Santis said it’s up to the Elections Quebec Director General to decide if he wants to do an investigation.

    “I’m not going to tell him what to do,” she said.

    “But I will, we will, if he asks us to review our books, our records – he’s welcome to come and review it.”

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