Abandoned Pointe-Claire property sold, pending city approval

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POINTE-CLAIRE – A large piece of abandoned property at the gateway to Pointe-Claire has finally been sold, subject to approval from city officials.

Jim Parsons, the realtor handling the sale of the 171,000 square foot land, said a serious offer has been made on the vacant lot at the corner of Donegani Avenue and Sources Boulevard.

“I’m excited, just looking around here. Seeing how clean it is. I’m sure the residents are too,” Parsons told Global News.

Parsons said the City of Pointe-Claire has to approve the project before the deal can close.

The deadline is set for June 15.

Parsons won’t say who the buyer is, other than hinting they are “a major player” in Montreal’s real estate market.

He told Global News the developer is primarily looking at creating a residential project, perhaps two buildings of seven storeys each, with commercial space on the ground floor.

The land, which is being cleaned up for development, has been an ugly reminder of a lack of progress in the area.

An abandoned bundling, the old shopping mall site sat empty for years before being demolished a few months ago.

Residents and workers in the area told Global News they would like to see a grocery store open on the vacated site.

Pending the city’s approval of the project, Mayor Morris Trudeau said serious discussions are also being held with other potential buyers.

He said the possibilities are to develop the land for commercial use, residential property, or a mix of both.

Currently, the land is zoned commercially for a four-storey building, but that could change in the near future.


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