NS Health Authority aware suicidal people cleared from ER have died by suicide

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Despite conveying suicidal thoughts to medical staff, people have been cleared from the QEII hospital’s emergency department and later committed suicide.

“That has happened, yes,” Dr. Curt Peters, an inpatient psychiatrist at the QEII Health Sciences Centre in Halifax, said. He added that he didn’t have statistics for these kind of cases.

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  • Questions follow death of mental health patient in Halifax

    Police say shooting that left two dead in Nova Scotia was a murder-suicide

    Suicide risk assessment tool ‘valuable step’ in suicide prevention: professor

    “People have come to the emergency department, expressed that type of concern and, as a result of the assessment, still sent home. Partly, it may be that they’ve chosen not to engage in the treatment that’s offered for whatever reason.”

    There is renewed interest in mental health care at the department after a woman went public on Tuesday with concerns about her friend’s suicide risk assessment.

    The friend, who doesn’t want to be identified, said she is suicidal but is not being admitted for treatment. She’s now staying with friends who are making sure she doesn’t harm herself.

    “We have a lot of patients that present to our emergency department expressing that type of hopelessness or even suicidality,” Peters said.

    Following a medical clearance, the emergency physician determines if the patient needs to be consulted by psychiatric emergency service staff.

    Each patient fills in an assessment form and the clinician determines suicide risk, which subsequently determines if admission or another plan is necessary.

    “The assessment itself is intended to be therapeutic and a lot of times that’s enough, together with a follow-up plan, to have a patient feel like they’re ready to go home,” Peters said.

    Decisions also factor in the patient’s history.

    “If a patient is well known, it might be a case where help has been offered, admission to hospital may not have been of benefit in the past,” Peters said.

    There are treatment options available, including through the Mental Health Mobile Crisis Team, Urgent Care Centre, and Community Mental Health Services, he added.

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2 people seriously injured in crash in southwest Edmonton

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EDMONTON – A man and a woman were taken to hospital suffering serious injuries after their vehicles collided Wednesday afternoon.

The crash happened just after 1 p.m. at 199 Street and Lessard Road NW.

The man driving the truck was trapped inside and had to be pulled out by firefighters.

The woman inside the Lexus SUV was rushed to hospital.

On Thursday, police said the man suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

The woman remains in hospital in serious but stable condition.

Police said alcohol and drugs could be factors in the crash. Charges are pending against the female driver of the Lexus.

The EPS said the Lexus was seen speeding south near 178 Street and Callingwood before the crash. They are asking anyone who witnessed the crash to call them.

Police closed down the road for several hours to investigate.

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Assisted death bill could land feds in court all over again

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Just when you thought Canada’s years-long legal battle over assisted death was finished, the federal government may find itself back in court, being sued again over allegedly unconstitutional laws.

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The target in this instance is Bill C-14, the law the Liberals unveiled last week as their response to the Supreme Court of Canada’s landmark 2015 decision in Carter v. Canada, striking down Canada’s prohibition on physician-assisted death.

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Health Minister Jane Philpott and Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould characterized the bill as a principled compromise on a tight time frame.

WATCH: Wilson-Raybould outlines assisted death eligibility

But the people who spent years fighting for the right to get a doctor’s help dying are not impressed.

They say this bill doesn’t comply with the Supreme Court’s Carter ruling. And if C-14 passes as-is, they may take the feds to court over it.

“Absolutely. That will take hardly any time at all [for someone to file a challenge],” said Maureen Taylor, co-chair of a provincial-territorial panel that submitted recommendations on how to implement assisted death last year.

“In the end, we taxpayers will have to pay for that to go back to the Supreme Court again. That’s our tax money the government uses when it goes to defend legislation it should know right now cannot pass a challenge.”

Some of the key plaintiffs in the original case, including Kay Carter’s daughter Lee Carter, spoke out against C-14 alongside the B.C. Civil Liberties Association in Ottawa Thursday afternoon.

The Civil Liberties Association is considering legal action if the “reasonably foreseeable” part of the bill isn’t taken out, said executive director Josh Paterson.

“We’ve been fighting this for the last five or six years and thought we had a win, thought we were done. And now we as an organization are going to have to look, as this bill passes, at what we’re going to do. It’s not as easy as walking into court the next day and saying, ‘Well, we’re back,’” Paterson said.

“Definitely it’s something that we’ll be considering. And I’m sure individual patients who are exlcuded will be considering [legal action].”

READ MORE: What you need to know about feds’ assisted death law

Taylor argues that Kay Carter, who became the face (and the name) of assisted death in Canada, wouldn’t qualify for assisted death under the Liberals’ proposed bill: She wasn’t about to die from the condition causing her so much pain.

“That stuff about a ‘reasonably foreseeable’ death? Kay Carter herself wouldn’t meet that criteria,” Taylor said.

“It’s going to lose at the Supreme Court if it’s challenged. Why they would put us all through that, I don’t know.”

Liberal MP Rob Oliphant, who chaired the committee that made its own detailed recommendations to Parliament earlier this year, also has concerns the bill wouldn’t survive a Charter challenge.

“I’m not a lawyer; however, in my reading, and on advice I’ve received from a number of lawyers, I think it’s very doubtful the whole bill would be completely Charter-proof,” he said.

“I could imagine a number of instances where people say they feel left out of this bill and it could be challenged.”

But Oliphant would rather not see it come to that.

“You don’t want to put a person who is facing imminent death in any way, or has intolerable suffering, through the requirement of challenging a law in the court,” he said.

“It’s a long process: Both Gloria Taylor and Kay Carter died before that decision came about. And I always weigh towards never making people suffer longer than they have to suffer.”

If people do take the federal government to court over the assisted death law, it’ll be a long legal slog: They’d have to start back at square one in trial court, says University of Waterloo political science professor Emmett Macfarlane.

“The only way to challenge the new law once it passes would be from scratch, at a trial court,” he wrote in an email.

“That would take, at minimum, something like four years to complete, assuming it want all the way to the [Supreme Court].”

‘My wife went through hell’: husband of Alberta woman granted physician-assisted death

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Relocation of VG hospital services to begin late 2016

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Services at the Victoria and Centennial buildings of the Victoria General hospital will start being relocated in late 2016.

The move is the start of a seven-year process to decommission the ailing buildings, announced by Premier Stephen McNeil Thursday. The plans are being released without a price tag, instead a full costing will be released once the detailed designs are confirmed in 2017.

The new facilities will “deliver top quality care to our citizens,” McNeil said.

READ MORE: No federal money coming for Victoria General Hospital replacement

The plan involves moving several services away from the VG, including:

Moving outpatient services, including orthopedic services, to Hants Community HospitalExpanding the private sector contract with Scotia SurgeryExpanding the Halifax Infirmary siteCompleting the expansion at the Dartmouth General HospitalMoving five palliative care beds to the Hospice HalifaxConsolidating Cancer Care Nova Scotia services to a newly renovated Dickson building

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The province says both the ailing Victoria and Centennial buildings will be fully decommissioned by 2022, and the buildings will be demolished.

“We’re going to be on time and on budget,” McNeil said

READ MORE: Bedbugs add to “long list of ills” at the VG: Health minister

Burst pipes, bed bugs, and a long-standing problem with contaminated drinking water, have plagued the hospital for years. The Centennial and Victoria buildings are “obsolete and unreliable,” chief of surgery Dr. David Kirkpatrick said.

Many of the projects are in the early planning and design phases, with the exception of the already announced renovations of the third and fourth floors at the Dartmouth General Hospital.

No budget for newly released hospital plan

The only price tag referenced at the technical briefing was for the fifth-floor expansion of the Dartmouth General Hospital which was already announced. It’s expected to cost $132-$138 million.

McNeil said it would be “irresponsible” to release a budget at this stage, because the detailed design work isn’t finished. However, the opposition says the lack of a budget and no details on a funding formula are red flags.

“There’s a whole bunch of questions here that the government has sort of left off the table,” Tory MLA Chris d’Entremont said.

A private public partnership (P3) is still an option for some parts of the plan. The transportation and infrastructure department’s lead on the project, John O’Connor, says the team will look at the possibility of a P3 funding model for the construction and maintenance of some facilities.

Internal government documents obtained through access to information laws by the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union show the health department’s top bureaucrat raised concerns about a P3 model.

“It is difficult to find examples of successful P3s where there are no criticisms,” deputy health minister Peter Vaughan said in a 2014 briefing note.

Citing auditor general reports from across the country, Vaughan says P3s have been problematic in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Quebec. According to Vaughan, Ontario’s auditor general found a P3 hospital had cost the province $200 million more than it would have if it had been built directly by the province.

In Nova Scotia, Vaughan’s briefing note says several reports on the health department’s current P3s criticized the department “for its challenges in providing effective oversight and holding entities accountable.”

However, finance minister Randy Delorey says the government is looking at the feasibility of a variety of funding models before ruling any out. “To make blanket statements as to whether they are the right model or wrong model is not good management,” Delorey said.

Delorey said the government will look at the terms and conditions of each project before deciding how to fund the projects.

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Tips on how to deal with pesky raccoons this spring

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Raccoons are a daily nuisance for many homeowners.

They get into your organic garbage bins. They can also feed on your lawns and gardens looking for grubs and larvae.

The more determined ones though can even get inside your home through uncapped chimneys and loose shingles or holes in your attic, roof or garage.

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As the temperature warms up, raccoons will start to emerge from their winter refuge and continue their foraging ways.

Here are some useful tips to deal with these pesky critters.

Cut their food supply

If possible, place all organic garbage bins indoors until pick-up day. Raccoons are very resourceful and often topple bins to get at the food inside.

Use deterrents

The City of Toronto recommends the sprinkling of pure soap flakes on lawns and watering thoroughly. This may prevent raccoons from pulling up the sod and getting at the grubs. Sprinkling diluted Tabasco sauce or hot chilli flakes on fruits and vegetables in your garden may also deter them. Automatic lights installed in the front or back of your home can also help.

Clog up entry spots

Raccoons are excellent climbers but you can limit their presence by clogging up entry spots with galvanized sheet metal. Be sure to repair any sidings or holes at your home as well.

Trap them

If all else fails, live trapping may be your only option. Commercial wildlife removal companies can be hired to remove the unwanted guests. However, it is not recommended to do it on your own. The City of Toronto says using body gripping traps or placing poison could result in criminal charges and/or provincial charges with fines up $5,000.

LET US KNOW:  Do you have unique raccoon problems of your own? If so, reach out to us and we may contact you for a future story.

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Canada earns ‘D’ grade on environmental record

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OTTAWA – A new report suggests Canada ranks 14th among 16 peer countries when it comes to environmental performance, with only the United States and Australia doing worse.

The report by the Conference Board of Canada on Thursday gives Canada a “D” grade based on nine indicators covering climate change, air pollution, and freshwater management.

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On climate change, the agency says with 20.7 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per capita, Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions are among the highest of the peer countries, with only the U.S. and Australia faring worse.

However, Canada gets an “A” rating for low-emitting electricity generation. The report says with nearly 80 per cent of Canada’s electricity being generated from low-emitting sources such as hydro and nuclear power, Canada is behind only Norway, Switzerland, France and Sweden.

Most of Canada’s provinces rank poorly in the agency report, with only Ontario earning a “B” grade. Quebec, British Columbia, and P.E.I. are given a “C” grade, Manitoba scored a “D” and Saskatchewan, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick were rated “D-minus.”

The Conference Board says while some of Canada’s poor grades can be explained by a large land mass, cold climate and resource-intensive economy, the results suggest there is a long way to go towards improving environmental performance.

“These results show that Canada needs to encourage more sustainable consumption. Protecting the environment from damage is not a problem for tomorrow but a challenge for today,” said Louis Theriault, the Conference Board’s vice-president for public policy.

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WRHA to overhaul review procedures after woman left waiting on ER floor

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WINNIPEG —; The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) is planning to change the way hospital emergency rooms are reviewed.

The issue is being examined after the death of 57-year-old Mohinder Singh. She died last fall of a brain aneurysm after spending the previous day lying on the waiting room floor for two hours at the Seven Oaks General Hospital.

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  • WRHA discharge policy goes under microscope

  • WRHA apologizes after second security breach this month

  • Dozens of WRHA patients’ information stolen from nurse’s vehicle

    READ MORE: WRHA issues apology to family of woman who died after waiting on ER floor

    “I’m troubled by the findings of the review into her case,” said Milton Sussman, President and CEO of the WRHA. “It is important that, in addition to the steps that were taken immediately by Seven Oaks leadership, we address these concerns region wide.”

    WRHA is rolling out an Emergency Department Program Leadership Team starting Thursday. It will be positioned at Seven Oaks General Hospital Emergency Department for the next six weeks. The goal of the program is to conduct an assessment of all Emergency Department processes.

    The review is expected to follow certain patients from the moment they arrive at the ER to the time they’re discharged. From this review, they will then identify specific issues and areas of improvement.

    READ MORE: WRHA releases health services iPhone app

    Starting next month, the WRHA says a four-member review team will conduct regular assessments and review operations at all Winnipeg emergency departments. WRHA said the team will consist of a physician, a nurse and two public representatives. The team is expected to focus on quality, safety, patient care and patient experience. The findings and action plans decided upon by the team will be made public via the WRHA website.

    In addition,  an Emergency Department Patient Advisory Council will be put in place. This committee will be “made up of members of the public interested in or affected by Emergency Department care.” The group will provide feedback and recommendations on different patient experiences.

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Crash landing at Gander, N.L. airport sends 3 to hospital

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GANDER, N.L. – Investigators were headed to central Newfoundland to look into the crash-landing of a small plane that suffered significant damage when it touched down at the Gander airport in a powerful late-season storm Wednesday.

A spokesman with the Transportation Safety Board said three investigators were en route to the small town to begin examining the Beechcraft 1900 that had 14 passengers and two crew members on board.

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Chris Krepski said the team will also look at flight data recorders, weather conditions and information from air traffic controllers who were working when the Air Canada Express flight landed at about 9:30 p.m. local time.

Three passengers suffered minor injuries and were taken to hospital, but all three have been released.

Brian Hicks, director of safety at the airport, said there was a storm at the time but the crew decided to try to land the plane, which is operated by Exploits Valley Air Services.

“It was a stormy night here in Gander, no doubt, and the TSB will determine if that was a factor in this accident or not,” he said Thursday. “That was the last night flight of the night…We had cancellations throughout the day because of the weather situation.”

He said the landing gear on the plane was damaged, but didn’t have more details about the extent of the damage. Photos on media sites appeared to show the nose sheared off.

Air Canada spokeswoman Isabelle Arthur would only say initial reports indicate the landing gear on the plane sustained damage upon touching down.

Hicks said passengers waited for about 20 minutes for transportation back to the terminal.

The plane was flying from Happy Valley-Goose Bay in Labrador to Gander, which was being buffeted by strong winds and snowfall of about 40 centimetres.

RCMP Staff Sgt. Roger Flynn, whose members responded to the scene, said it appeared there was significant damage to the undercarriage of the plane.

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‘Lots of work to do’: Trudeau takes ‘D’ grade to UN climate ceremony

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OTTAWA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be dragging plenty of baggage to the United Nations on Friday when he joins some 150 other countries in signing the Paris climate accord.

A new report from the Conference Board of Canada released Thursday ranks Canada 14th among 16 peer countries when it comes to environmental performance, with only the United States and Australia doing worse.

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And the parliamentary budget office has crunched the national numbers to find that Canada’s emissions of greenhouses gases currently are on track to increase through 2030, with a cost of between one and three per cent of gross domestic product to ratchet emissions down to our existing international commitment.

READ MORE: Justin Trudeau goes boxing in NYC ahead of signing Paris climate deal

“We have lots of work to do,” Trudeau acknowledged under questioning Thursday from students at New York University.

But that work does not include pulling the plug on expanding Canadian oil production or future pipelines, Trudeau told the students after fielding a question about “still putting money into dirty oil sands.”

WATCH: Trudeau talks tough on pipelines ahead of signing Paris Climate Change agreement.

Trudeau said he supported the since-rejected Keystone XL oil pipeline from Alberta to the U.S. Gulf Coast and he continues to favour oil-and-gas-driven economic growth on the path to a low-carbon future.

“Do I agree that in the future we’re going to have to get off fossil fuels? Absolutely,” said the prime minister. “Is that future tomorrow? No, it’s not.”

In Canada’s here and now, the Conference Board awarded the country a “D” grade based on nine indicators covering climate change, air pollution, and freshwater management.

With 20.7 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emitted per capita every year, Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions are among the highest of its peers, said the report.

Most of Canada’s provinces ranked poorly in the agency assessment, with only Ontario earning a “B” grade. Quebec, British Columbia, and P.E.I. were given a “C” grade, Manitoba scored a “D” and Saskatchewan, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick were rated “D-minus.”

The Conference Board said some of Canada’s poor grades can be explained by a large land mass, cold climate and a resource-intensive economy, but the results suggest there is a long way to go towards improving environmental performance.

However, Canada did receive an “A” rating for low-emitting electricity generation. Nearly 80 per cent of Canada’s electricity is generated from sources such as hydro and nuclear power, ranking Canada behind only Norway, Switzerland, France and Sweden.

“These results show that Canada needs to encourage more sustainable consumption,” said Conference Board vice-president Louis Theriault. “Protecting the environment from damage is not a problem for tomorrow but a challenge for today.”

The parliament budget office report released Thursday is somewhat more sparing of government efforts.

READ MORE: Has Justin Trudeau kept his promises six months after election day?

It finds Canada’s emissions trend, while rising, isn’t on as fast an upward track as Environment Canada’s own assessment, mainly because the PBO uses slightly lower economic growth projections to 2030.

Canada has committed internationally to cut emissions 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030, which the PBO estimates will require cutting 208 million tonnes of carbon dioxide or its equivalents. The cost will be around $100 per tonne, says the report, but those costs can be carried in a growing economy without major economic impacts on Canadian households.

“One lesson is that faster growth is beneficial, even if it leads to a higher baseline level of emissions. This is because incomes will also be higher to deal with any increased need for abatement,” said the PBO report.

In that respect, the budget office bolstered Trudeau’s contention that oil and gas wealth will help Canada’s transition to a low-carbon economy.

As Trudeau told the New York University students: “We’re very much better off doing that from a position of having a capacity to invest and research than doing it by firelight in a cave 100 years from now, when we’ve reached a collapse.”

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Prince George called out for alleged ‘white privilege’ by British Council employee

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A British Council employee has come under fire for posting a number of harsh comments about Prince George to social media.

Angela Gibbins, who works as a senior employee at the charity, verbally attacked the three-year-old on her Facebook page following the release of his picture for the Queen’s 90th birthday. The news was first reported by The Sun in the U.K.

When a Facebook user shared the above image with the caption, “I know he’s only two years old, but Prince George already looks like a f***** d***head,” Gibbins responded by saying, “White privilege. That cheeky grin is the innate knowledge he’s royal, rich, advantaged and will never know ANY difficulties or hardships in life.”

She continued with: “Let’s find photos of 3yo Syrian refugee children and see if they look alike, eh?”

Photos released to mark Prince George’s 3rd birthday


Photos released to mark Prince George’s 3rd birthday


Prince George joins 4 generations of Royal Family on new stamp to celebrate Queen’s 90th birthday


See what Prince George and Princess Charlotte look like as adults


Royals fed up with paparazzi taking pics of Prince George and Princess Charlotte

According to several reports, the 52-year-old’s “friends” were upset by her comments, saying, “You are a total idiot Angela, to look at the picture of a child and be filled with nothing but hatred for them. You are a disgrace to humanity.” Another person added, “You look at a smiling child and this is the kind of stuff you think? You need some time off the internet.”

The British employee stood by her opinions, though, adding, “I’m sound in my socialist, atheist and Republican opinions.”

She added, “I don’t believe the royal family have any place in a modern democracy, least of all when they live on public money. That’s privilege and it needs to end.”

READ MORE: Prince William and Kate Middleton are headed back to Canada

Gibbins’s comments have since prompted an investigation by the British Council, which released the following statement:

“This comment was made on a private social media account. It has absolutely no connection to the British Council and does not represent the views of the British Council… That said, we expect the highest standards of our staff and we will be investigating the matter further.”

Those on social media were also quick to react to the news:

United Kingdom Overview | FindTheData

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Creator of malware used to drain bank accounts gets 9 years in jail

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ATLANTA – The Russian creator of a computer program that enabled cybercriminals to infect millions of computers and drain bank accounts in multiple countries was sentenced Wednesday to serve 9 1/2 years in federal prison.

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Aleksandr Andreevich Panin, 27, who went by aliases “Gribodemon” and “Harderman” online, pleaded guilty to a count of conspiracy to commit bank and wire fraud in January 2014 after reaching a deal with prosecutors. He created SpyEye, which prosecutor Steven Grimberg said was a pre-eminent malware from 2010 to 2012 and was used to infect more than 50 million computers and cause nearly $1 billion in damage to individuals and financial institutions around the world.

A second man, Hamza Bendelladj, a 27-year-old Algerian known online as “Bx1,” will be sentenced Wednesday afternoon. Prosecutors said he sold versions of SpyEye online and used the malware to steal financial information.

READ MORE: How to protect your computer from malware and phishing scams

SpyEye was a type of Trojan virus that secretly implanted itself on victims’ computers to steal sensitive information, including bank account credentials, credit card information, passwords and PIN numbers. Once it took over a computer, it allowed hackers to trick victims into surrendering personal information – including data grabbing and fake bank account pages. The information was relayed to a command and control server to be used to access victim accounts.

Panin conspired with others to advertise SpyEye in online cybercrime forums and sold versions of the software for prices ranging from $500 to $10,000, FBI Special Agent Mark Ray testified.

SpyEye was more user-friendly than its predecessors, functioning like “a Swiss army knife of hacking” and allowing users to customize it to choose specific methods of gathering personal information, Ray said. Panin is believed to have sold it to at least 150 clients.

Jon Clay with IT security firm Trend Micro, which helped the FBI investigate SpyEye, said the program wasn’t the most sophisticated but had good code and was reasonably priced.

READ MORE: Ransomware on the rise in Canada: How to protect your data

“He had definitely created some capabilities that were not available in some of the other banking Trojans at the time,” Clay said. “That’s why he was pretty popular among the cybercriminal underground.”

FBI agents in February 2011 searched and seized a SpyEye server they said Bendelladj operated in the Atlanta area. That server controlled more than 200 infected computers and contained information from many financial institutions, authorities said.

In June and July 2011, covert FBI sources communicated directly with Panin, who used his online nicknames, and bought a version of SpyEye.

Panin, whose real name wasn’t known at the time, and Bendelladj were indicted in December 2011.

Bendelladj was travelling from Malaysia to Egypt when he was arrested Jan. 5, 2013 during a layover at Bangkok’s airport. Police seized laptops and external hard drives.

Panin was arrested the following July, when he flew through Atlanta’s airport.

Ray’s testimony offered a glimpse into the world of online marketplaces where cybercriminals advertise, buy and sell malicious software, using aliases to avoid arrest.

READ MORE: Beginner’s guide to protecting your information online

Panin advertised SpyEye as early as June 2010 on Darkode长沙桑拿, a cybercrime forum dismantled by the FBI last July. Before it was taken down, Darkode长沙桑拿 was the most sophisticated of the cybercrime forums, frequented by the cybercrime elite with access limited to those with a trusted connection, Ray said.

With the cover of anonymity and payments made through online currency servers, reputation is extremely important on cybercrime forums, Ray said. After Panin’s June 2010 posting as Gribodemon, Bendelladj – posting as Bx1 – wrote a comment saying he’d worked with him before and vouched for him.

The use of aliases can be frustrating to those who track them, said Willis McDonald, a senior threat researcher at security firm Damballa. Frequently, a cybercriminal “will disappear into the background and come up with a new alias and a new piece of malware so that trail you’ve been trying to follow to track them down vanishes and they pop up under a new name and you have to start all over again trying to figure out who they are,” he said.

That’s why disabling the infrastructure for a cybercrime network isn’t nearly as effective for stopping the spread of a particular malware as catching the creator, McDonald and Clay said. Both said SpyEye infections had dwindled to negligible numbers within about a year after Panin’s arrest.

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Sister of victim in Danforth drive-by shooting calls death ‘beyond heartbreaking’

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The sister of a 20-year-old Toronto man killed in a drive-by shooting in east-end Toronto over the weekend said her brother’s death is “beyond heartbreaking.”

“Abdullah was a huge basketball fan, a proud momma’s boy and he never left the house without giving one of us a hug,” said Ifrah Farah during a press conference at Toronto police headquarters Thursday morning.

“He had goals and aspirations in life that were cut short all too soon.”

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Police say Abdullah Farah was fatally wounded in front of the Cloud Nine cafe on Danforth Avenue in the early morning hours of Sunday, April 17 after he was denied entry.

Investigators say surveillance video released from the scene indicates he was with two other men when shots rang out from a four-door sedan.

“He turned to walk away, a suspect vehicle traveling eastbound approached. Multiple shots were fired from the vehicle,” said Det. Leslie Dunkley. “This vehicle fled the scene in a high rate of speed going north on Coxwell.”

READ MORE: Toronto cafe where man killed in weekend drive-by shooting to become a daycare

Police say officers responded to the scene and located Farah without vital signs and was taken to hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries.

Dunkley said the suspect vehicle passed the area in front of the cafe three times prior to the shooting.

“There were multiple shots fire, stray bullets that struck other vehicles,” he said. “Bullets penetrated into the car and into the trunk of the car. We’re very lucky nobody else was hurt.”

VIDEO: Police seek witnesses in fatal drive-by shooting at Cloud 9 café

Police say Farah, who had no criminal record or known gang affiliation, was the intended target.

“We also have to keep in mind he was with the company of two other individuals, who may have also been targeted that were not struck,” Dunkley explained.

“Without the benefit of those other individuals coming forward, that’s what it appears to us right now.”

Police say they are looking to identify the suspect vehicle and are asking anyone with dashcam video to come forward.

Farah’s sister maintains his brother was a good man who cared deeply about his family.

“Our brother was not involved in any gang activity. He was not known to the police. And he did not deserve to have his life taken so abruptly,” she said.

“Our brother was killed by a bullet and we don’t want his character assassinated as well.”

READ MORE: Calls for east-end Toronto cafe’s closure after man killed in drive-by shooting

The cafe, which has been the scene of three homicides in recent years, was shut down this week as a new daycare was approved to take its place.

The owner of the cafe, Hussein Souddo, said his establishment was unfairly criticized by local councillors.

He claims he did what he could to keep the shooting victim and his friends from entering the cafe.

“They tried to come in, we didn’t allow them,” he says. “They came on Saturday again, we didn’t allow them again, so they were just loitering outside in front of Gerrard Pizza.”

On May 19, 2015, 21-year-old Abdiweli Mohamed Yusuf was fatally shot there. At the time, Cloud Nine was called Rotana Cafe.

An off-duty Markham firefighter was also fatally stabbed inside Rotana in an unprovoked attack two years earlier.

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How Chevrolet’s new Malibu is using tech to keep teenage drivers safe

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Chevrolet revamped the Malibu for 2016, making the family sedan look more modern and giving it more safety and technology features, including software that helps keep teen-agers safe and parents in the know.

The 2016 Malibu also ranks as the fifth-best mid-size sedan in fuel mileage in the U.S., tying the Honda Accord four-door and beating the Toyota Camry.

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While Consumer Reports gave the new Malibu an average reliability rating, the federal government said the 2016 Malibu earned five out of five stars in frontal and side crash tests.

All this comes in a roomy car whose starting manufacturer’s suggested retail price, including destination charge, is on the low end – just $22,500 for a five-seat model with the base, fuel-sipping engine and six-speed automatic transmission.

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This 1.5-litre, double overhead cam, turbocharged four-cylinder generates only 163 horsepower, which is the lowest base horsepower in a Malibu since 2008. It’s also less than what most competitors offer in their base models.

But the Malibu with this engine is rated by the government at 27 mpg in city driving and 37 mpg on highways.

Note that the base price doesn’t include the rearview camera or power-adjustable driver’s seat that are standard on the base 178-horsepower 2016 Camry, which starts at $23,905. A rearview camera with moving guidelines that show where the car is headed as it backs up is also standard on the 185-horsepower 2016 Honda Accord, which has a starting retail price of $23,840.

The 2016 Malibu offers a second turbo four-cylinder – a larger, 2-litre unit that generates a V-6-like 250 horsepower. Mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission, this higher output four-cylinder comes with a starting price of $29,495.

This was the engine in the test-driven Malibu Premier, and it did a good job of moving the 3,388-pound sedan in city and highway travel. There was especially good get up and go, as torque peaked at 258 foot-pounds at a low 1,700 rpm.

This engine doesn’t include the automatic stop/start system that helps save gas on the base model. And, aggressive driving of the test-driven model put the average combined city/highway mileage at 24 mpg, rather than the government’s estimate of 26 mpg.

More disconcerting was that the gas tank held only 13 gallons of fuel, which is far below the 17- or 18-gallon tanks that are typical of this class. So, the test-driven Malibu had to stop for gas after 300 miles, which isn’t a great travel range.

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The Malibu drove easily, with steering that was comfortably responsive. And its 19-inch wheels and suspension provided a firm ride.

Some consumers might not recognize the new Malibu. It’s longer than its predecessor and has modern styling, and the back end reminds some of an Audi.

The Malibu’s interior is also bigger. Rear-seat legroom now measures 38.1 inches, which is an increase of 1.3 inches. This is still less than the 38.5 inches in the back seat of the Accord and the 38.9 inches in the Camry, though. The Accord’s 42.5 inches of front-seat legroom also is more than the Malibu’s 42 inches.

The Malibu also offers more safety features now, though many, such as the forward collision alert system, are optional and will cost extra.

The 2016 Malibu also is the first vehicle to have Teen Driver, which is software that lets parents review how a teenager drove, including the highest speed attained, distance driven and the number of times safety equipment was engaged.

Teen Driver also keeps the stereo and connected devices muted until front-seat passengers buckle up.

The 2016 Malibu has been the subject of three U.S. safety recalls. Two involved air bags that might deploy improperly. The third was for an intermittent defect that may not alert a driver when a seat belt is unfastened or a door is opened and the key is still in the ignition.

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